What Do I Do If A Police Detective Is Trying to Contact Me?

By Bo Kalabus
24-hour Jail Release: 214-402-4364

Whether you think you did something wrong or not, your first call should be to me.

When an investigator is reaching out to a person about a crime, it’s a very serious thing. Investigators are very skilled at getting people they are questioning to talk and make admissions about crimes without the person of interest really knowing what they have just done to themselves. It’s an art and they are good.

Investigators usually call a person of interest and convince them to come down to the station to talk to them. Once there, the investigator will set them at ease and tell them they have a right to a lawyer and that they are free to leave anytime—people always seem to forget that part. Then the questioning begins. An investigator is talking to you because they are missing something in their investigation-remember if they had all their evidence, they would not need to be fishing. They may act like they know everything about a case, but it just may be a theory of theirs, and they are bluffing to see if you can give them the piece of information they are missing. It’s high stakes poker, and the investigator has the high cards.

Even if a person does not confess to a crime, sometimes responses to questions don’t make sense, or stories change and this can be just as damaging as a confession. The interview is video recorded, so every grimace, or long pause, or nervous twitch is captured. This video will be played later at trial and can be the State’s best evidence in prosecution of the charge.

If an investigator is trying to contact you, you need to contact me. Once the investigator knows a criminal lawyer represents a person, they will stop trying to contact that person. At that point I contact the investigator and see what they have on the person and see if it is advisable to talk to the investigator or not. 99% of the time its not advisable to the investigator. This is not something you should try to handle by yourself.

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