What You Need To Know About The Deep Lung Device/Ignition Interlock in Collin County

By Bo Kalabus
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To start with, an Ignition Interlock or Deep Lung Device (DLD) is a portable machine that is installed on the vehicle to prevent the car from starting if it detects alcohol in the driver’s system. In order to start a vehicle with a DLD, the driver must blow into the DLD and the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must be below .030. As long as the driver’s BAC is below .030 the car will start. The DLD also requires the driver to blow into the machine every 20 minutes while operating the vehicle, or the car will shut down. Having a deep lung device on your vehicle is a rude awaking.

If person accused of DWI is released from jail via a writ bond, a mechanism in Collin County that a allows a person’s bond to be set if they have not seen a magistrate judge, that person will have a hearing before a Collin County Court At Law judge within 10 days to determine whether a DLD will be installed as a condition of bond. At the hearing the judge will consider:

  • The person’s driving record and see if there have been any prior alcohol related offenses;
  • Has there been an accident;
  • Is the person’s blood alcohol level above a .15; and
  • Is this a person’s second DWI offense

Even if you have never been in trouble before, DWI consequences can be political in nature. With this being the case, judges are more inclined to have the DLD installed as a condition of bond out of necessity for public safety.

If the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above a .15, or this is the person’s second DWI, Texas law requires that the judge require an installation of a DLD. If there was an accident, the judge certainly has discretion to order the installation of the DLD if he/she it is in the best interest of the public.

If a DLD has not been installed as a condition of a person’s bond, it may be added later as a condition of their DWI probation. For example, if a person’s BAC is above .15, Texas law requires a DLD to be installed on the person’s vehicle for at least half the length of their probation. Also, in some situations, a DLD is required as a condition for the person’s occupational driver’s license.

The expense of a DLD adds up as well. The device costs about $100 to install and about $80 a month after that. These costs are approximates as they change over time. Also, a person is required to return to the installer at least once a month to have the device calibrated. Failure to have the device calibrated could result in forfeiture of the person’s bond, which means a return trip to jail.

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