What You Need to Know About No Refusal Weekend Collin/Dallas Counties this Memorial Day

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Take my advice: make the Ubur some money this holiday weekend.  Actually, anytime you are out drinking is a good time to call for a ride—there’s just too much to risk.  This weekend, however, drivers will be under even more scrutiny from the local police since it has been declared a “No Refusal Weekend”, or a “Zero Tolerance Weekend.”

What a “no refusal”/”zero tolerance” weekend means is if you get pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving you will be given the option of providing a breath or blood sample.  If you refuse to provide a sample, the police will secure a warrant to take a blood sample to measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and of course these results will be used against you at your trial.  Expecting a heavy flow of warrants this weekend, there will be judges on call at all hours of the night to sign the search warrants for the blood draws.  In short, the police will get the evidence they want to build the best case against you, so beware.

Stay safe my friends and have a good holiday weekend.

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