Recent Case Win—Dismissal on Theft Case by Bo Kalabus

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The client was charged for the offense of theft under $50.  The charge, based on the facts of the case, was a Class C misdemeanor—punishable up to a $500 fine.  The client had paid for over $220 worth of goods at the Dillard’s register; however, she had walked out the door with 2 bracelets on her wrist that she had tried on, but forgotten to take off.  The bracelets were worth $20 and Dillard’s pressed charges.  After negotiations, the State of Texas agreed to dismiss the charges in the interest of justice beca


use it did not make sense that a person would buy $220 worth of merchandise just to steal $20 worth of merchandise.  The client will be able to clear the charge from her record.  This dismissal was a huge relief for my client and she was pleased with the result.  Hope it was worth it Dillard’s—you lost a customer for life.



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