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Need a Writ Bond?
Need an Attorney Bond?

A writ bond (or attorney bond) is an instrument that will trigger an immediate cash bond for certain misdemeanor arrests in Collin County where individuals have not had a bond set. A magistrate judge will set the bond during a process call an arraignment hearing; however, in Collin County the magistrate judge only has arraignment in the mornings and it is easy to miss if the arrested individual is not booked in yet. That means the arrested person will be sitting in jail 24 additional hours before they can have the bond set. The bonds are $350 for Class B misdemeanors and $500 for Class A misdemeanors and all DWI misdemeanors.

Cases where a person is entitled to a Writ Bonds:

Class B Misdemeanors
Class A Misdemeanors
These are usually DWI, theft, and minor possession cases

Cases where a person IS NOT entitled to a Writ Bond:

Class C Misdemeanors–specifically traffic tickets
Felony cases
Family Violence

For a more detailed description of a writ bond and the writ bond process, go here.

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