Need a Writ Bond or Attorney Bond in Collin County for Immediate Jail Release?

By Bo Kalabus
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Getting a phone call in the middle of the night and learning that you have a family member or friend in jail is an unnerving experience. If you have landed on this webpage, I bet you have had a very recent conversation with the jail staff or the bond desk that says your family member/friend may need a attorney writ bond and this frustrated you further because you have also found out that you can’t get them out of jail because they have to see the judge to have their bond set and this won’t happen until the next morning, or later due to a holiday. If this is the case I can help you–call 214-402-4364 for immediate jail release.

What’s A Writ Bond or an Attorney Bond?

An attorney writ bond (short for writ of habeas corpus–which means produce the body) works because it is a mechanism that triggers an immediate cash bond for certain misdemeanor arrests in Collin County. The bonds are $350 for Class B misdemeanors and $500 for Class A misdemeanors and all DWI misdemeanors.

Who’s Eligible for an Attorney Writ Bond?

Class B Misdemeanors
Class A Misdemeanors
These are usually DWI, Theft, and Possession cases

Cases NOT Eligible for Attorney Writ Bonds:

Class C Misdemeanors–traffic tickets
Felony cases
Family Violence cases

For a more detailed description of how a writ bond or attorney bond works go here.

When you hire me, your loved one not only gets out of jail, but also benefits and variety service from representation you would expect from a full service criminal defense firm with strong roots in Collin County. To see a video on how I handle DWI case preparation go here. To go to the firm website go here.

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