DWI “No Refusal” weekends in Collin/Dallas Counties are upon us this Holiday Season Weekend–Be safe don’t drink and drive

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
Collin County 24-Hour Jail Release 214-402-4364

Please be careful celebrating this holiday season. If you are going to holiday parties, football watching parties, etc., and enjoying some holiday cheer. Please remember to turn over those keys to a sober driver or call a taxi. Trust me, I deal with DWI cases day in and day out in my practice and the risk is simply not worth it. There is just too much to risk and lose by being arrested for a DWI. During the holiday season, the odds really turn against you because the big holiday weekends are usually “no refusal weekend.” You can bet that that the big holiday weekends this year will be a “no refusal” weekends or holidays for Dallas and Collin Counties.

“No refusal” is that if you get pulled over on suspicion of DWI you will be given the option of providing a breath or blood sample. If you refuse to provide a sample, a warrant will be secured to take a blood sample to measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the results will be used against you at your trial. On no refusal weekends or holidays there are judges on call 24 hours a day to sign these “blood” warrants.

Don’t get caught up in this! Turn over the keys or call a cab. It’s just not worth it. Enjoy your holiday season, but please be safe.

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