Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Works Out Deal for Conditional Dismissal of Assault Family Violence Case

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
24 Hour Jail Release 214-402-4364

According to numerous reports, Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has come to an agreement with the Dallas County District Attorney’s (DA) office to get his case dismissed. If you recall, Mr. Bryant was arrested back in July of this year for a domestic charge with his mother being the victim.(Dallas Morning News story here) The case was charged as a Class A misdemeanor, which carries a range of punishment up to 1 year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine.

Mr. Bryant’s lawyer and the Dallas County DA have worked out a conditional dismissal, which is a popular alternative to defend an assault family violence case and avoid prosecution. There are two ways to look at the agreement: 1) the Dallas DA has given Mr. Bryant an incredible opportunity to get the case dismissed and eventually have the arrest expunged from his record; or 2) the Dallas DA has given Mr. Bryant just enough rope to hang himself. You be the judge, the details of the conditional dismissal are as follows:

Mr. Bryant must participate in intensive weekly individual counseling for one year with a professional counselor that is approved by the DA’s Office. This counseling must also encompass 12 sessions of anger management. Mr. Bryant must also submit monthly progress reports to the DA’s office from his counselor. Upon successful completion of the Anger Management portion, as well as active productive participation for the remaining sessions of counseling, and if Mr. Bryant commits no new offenses, which includes strict compliance with the requirements of Mr. Bryant’s Occupational Driver’s License, the District Attorney agrees to dismiss the case. If Mr. Bryant fails to meet one of the requirements of this agreement, he will be prosecuted for the original offense.

The next court date for the matter is December 15, 2012. At this court appearance, Mr. Bryant (or counsel appearing on behalf of Mr. Bryant) will appear and must have proof of Mr. Bryant’s participation in Intensive Individual Counseling with an approved provider.

As you can see, the dismissal is not a guarantee by a long shot. It’s not impossible, but Mr. Bryant will have his work cut out for him by sticking with the counseling and staying out of trouble.

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