Randy Travis Arrested for DWI in Grayson County

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
24 Hour Jail Release 214-402-4364

According to numerous reports, county music singer Randy Travis has been arrested for DWI in nearby Grayson County Texas. It sounds like Mr. Travis had an exceptionally bad evening considering when Troopers arrived on the scene they discovered not only Travis’ wrecked 1998 Trans Am in a construction zone, but a naked and combative Travis himself smelling of alcohol.

The incident occurred just west of Tioga, Texas near Lake Ray Roberts where Mr. Travis lives (and incidentally where I like to duck hunt). Apparently, Mr. Travis refused all field sobriety tests and a warrant was obtained to draw his blood for testing. At the scene and while being transported to jail, Mr. Travis (while completely naked) was combative and threatened the lives of the DPS Troopers.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department has indicated that Mr. Travis will be facing charges of obstruction or retaliation in addition to DWI. Mr. Travis was released on $21,500 bail and was seen leaving the jail wearing scrubs and a University of Texas ball cap.

I bet we have not heard the end of this story yet….stay tuned.

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