DWI Punishment–SCRAM

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
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SCRAM -it’s an ugly word. Over the years, depending on the facts of the cases, I have had a few clients ordered by judges to wear a SCRAM device. It’s not a fun device that’s for sure. SCRAM is a device that monitors alcohol in your system and is worn around your ankle. The device measures a person’s blood alcohol content through perspiration and it takes a reading every 30 minutes. The device transmits the data to the provider at least once a day. The device is also a huge burden for a variety of reasons.

Usually the first concern about SCRAM is its outrageous cost. SCRAM’s expensive–from $380 to $450 a month. Maybe more importantly, its bulky and you have to watch what you wear–if you wear shorts or a skirt, then it will show. Going in the same direction, it can be very uncomfortable especially if your ankles swell since the bracelet does not expand. Also–if this applies to you–it’s nearly impossible to shave your legs with the device on, as I have been told you cannot get a razor around it. Another knock against the device is you cannot submerge it, so baths are out, and so is swimming–which is especially a raw deal in the middle of summer.

The device can also be annoying considering it will vibrate every 30 minutes when it is taking its readings. You may not notice it during the day, but when things are quiet and you are trying to sleep, I expect it will get under your skin.


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