Denton County DA’s Office is Officially a Hot Mess after the Racial Discrimination Verdict Against It

By Bo Kalabus
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If you have not heard already, listen to this…. following the arrest of black defendant in Denton County after she drunkenly drove through a cemetery (knocking over gravestones along the way) and gave the arresting officers a bunch of grief in the process, a prosecutor in the Denton County DA’s office mentioned to a black co-worker (also a prosecutor) that the defendant’s behavior made him “understand why people hung people from trees.” Now on a roll, the prosecutor also went on to say to the same co-worker that it made him “want to go home and put on his white pointy hat.” These remarks were made around April 2009.

You would think after such comments, the person making the comments would be reprimanded or fired right? Well, not really. When the co-worker reported the prosecutor for making the statements, you guessed it–she was dubbed a “troublemaker” and harassed by others including the prosecutor’s relatives that also worked in the DA’s office. Apparently, the prosecutor’s wife was the troublemaker’s direct supervisor, so you can imagine how uncomfortable the working situation had to be. So how did the DA’s office resolve to fix this: send the folks making the comments to sensitivity training and put letters in their files.

Well, the black prosecutor decided to make a federal case out it, sued, and hit the county right between the eyes as reported by the Denton Record Chronicle, “A lawyer in the Denton County District Attorney’s Office won a federal racial discrimination suit against the county Thursday and was awarded a little more than $500,000 plus attorneys’ fees.” The Denton Record Chronicle went on to report:

“The suit alleged that felony prosecutor Cary Piel made racially insulting remarks in [Nadiya Williams] Boldware’s presence; that his wife, Susan Piel, who was Boldware’s supervisor in the misdemeanor crimes section of the office, did not protect Boldware from having to hear those remarks; and that Ryan Calvert, Susan Piel’s brother and another prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, made remarks later that harassed Boldware and contributed to a hostile work environment….”

During this whole process Ms. Boldware and her tormenters were all still employed at the DA’s office–which must have been absolutely miserable for Ms. Boldware. The Denton County DA’s office finally responded yesterday by firing Cary Piel, Susan Piel, John Renz, and Ryan Calvert–more than 3 years after the comments were made.


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