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By Bo Kalabus
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Getting a phone call in the middle of the night and learning that you have a friend or family member in jail is a tough experience. These calls usually come in the middle of the night, which will cause you even more stress and anxiety as you begin making a flurry of phone calls trying to figure out how to get them out. I have a pretty good idea that if you have landed on this website, you have had a very recent conversation with the jail staff or the bond desk that says your friend or family member may need a attorney writ bond and this frustrated you further because you have also found out that you can’t get them out of jail. If this is the case, call 214-402-4364 for immediate jail release.

You may be asking yourself “what’s going on and why am I getting the run around??” Well, getting out of jail is never as easy as it appears in the movies or TV. Here what’s happening– in the U.S. getting a bond set is the first step in getting out of jail. If you have been told your friend/family member needs an attorney writ bond then they do not have a bond set.

Why is no bond set yet? The law says a person is to have a reasonable bond set. A magistrate judge sets the bond when he/she arraigns the person at the jail. In Collin County this happens at around 8:00 a.m. If the person is not booked in by the time the judge is at the jail then guess what?–The person will sit until the next day to see the judge. What happens on the weekend?—The magistrate judge only comes on Saturday, but not on Sunday, so if the person misses the judge on Saturday then they will sit until Monday, unless Monday is a holiday, the they will sit until Tuesday. This is a tough concept for a person to understand in the middle of the night and it can be extremely frustrating.

It’s hard to understand why a person arrested at 11:00 at night can miss seeing a magistrate at 8:00 in the morning, but it happens all the time. Usually after an arrest, a person is taken to the municipal jail such as Allen or Frisco, and there they wait until the jail fills up and then they are transferred to the main Collin County jail. Once at Collin County they are “booked in” and that can take up to 8 hours or even longer on a busy weekend. This is why it may appear that your loved one has been lost in the shuffle.

An attorney writ bond (short for writ of habeas corpus–which means produce the body) works because it is a mechanism that triggers an immediate cash bond for certain misdemeanor arrests in Collin County. The bonds are $350 for Class B misdemeanors and $500 for Class A misdemeanors and all DWI misdemeanors. Because the writ bond is a mix of the legal profession and the bail bond business, the sources for such writs can come from full service criminal law firms or bail bond companies that employ attorneys to file the writs. Getting the person out of jail is only the first step in a much larger legal situation, so using a full service criminal defense firm just makes sense.

When you hire a full service criminal defense firm you get a variety of benefits that should set you and your loved one at ease:

1) Most important–you get your loved one out of jail. This can be accomplished usually within 2 hours;

2) Act as surety on the bond so you do not need to show up at the bond desk with cash (since the bond desk does not take checks or credit cards) and we understand that coming up with $500 cash in the middle of the night can sometimes be difficult;

3) You get an experienced attorney that can provide immediate professional counsel to your loved one;

4) Although the facts of the case may not be known, the attorney can alleviate the fear of the unknown by explaining the legal procedure and timelines of the criminal matter your loved one is now facing;

5) As criminal defense attorneys we want to serve you and we want to help, therefore we offer a free consultation to your loved one once they are released from jail; and

6) As a attorney, we have a legal responsibility to our clients and prospective clients and put their needs first;

Cases Eligible for Attorney Writ Bonds:

Class B Misdemeanors
Class A Misdemeanors
These are usually DWI, Theft, and Possession cases

Cases NOT Eligible for Attorney Writ Bonds:

Class C Misdemeanors–traffic tickets
Felony cases
Family Violence cases

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