Longtime Dallas NBC 5 Anchor Jane McGarry Arrested and Accused of DWI

By Bo Kalabus
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Anyone can go out and have a few drinks, think they feel fine, and get behind the wheel to head home. On the way home, the person can be pulled over for some minor traffic infraction–7 mph over the speed limit, no signal on a lane change, a minor swerve within a lane, etc. These infractions would never get a second look from the police in daylight hours, but after midnight these are fair game for police looking for suspected drunk drivers. When the police go to the window of the vehicle and smell booze, the DWI investigation begins and then ends very quickly with the person being arrested.

Don’t think it happens this way? Ask Jane McGarry, a longtime KXAS-TV Channel 5 Dallas news anchor, whom was arrested early Sunday in Dallas County on suspicion of DWI. If you live in the local area, I’m sure you’ve probably watched her deliver the news on one occasion or another. If you watch her often, you may even think you know her, or consider her part of your family.

According to the news reports, McGarry was pulled over in her Porsche by DPS on the Tollway after failing to signal a lane change. The news also reported McGarry failed the “walk and turn” and “one leg stand” field sobriety tests. Frankly, it does not take very much to fail these tests and the tests themselves are subjective in nature, so the term “failure” in my opinion regarding these tests can be greatly overblown.

McGarry also admitted to drinking three glasses of wine according to the news reports and refused the breathalyzer test –which is completely her right to do so. At that point, based on the timeline of a typical DWI investigation, she would have already been under arrest anyway. Next, the reports indicate that McGarry was then subject to a mandatory blood draw, which means in my mind based on the reported facts, following the breath test refusal the DPS trooper took the time to contact a judge to get a warrant to draw her blood if she refused the blood test as well. It will take some time to get those blood results back from the lab.

McGarry will be facing a tough and perhaps embarrassing road ahead, but it’s a survivable road. With no prior convictions on her record, she’s looking at a misdemeanor level offense. I always tell folks that come see me that misdemeanor level offenses are usually things that happen to good people on bad days. I do wish Ms. McGarry the best of luck on the defense of her case.

A DWI can happen to anyone. If ever in doubt, play it safe and call a cab because trust me when I say being charged with a DWI is road that should be less travelled.


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