Shop for a Criminal Defense Lawyer That Fits, Not One that Gives you Fits….By Bo Kalabus

By Bo Kalabus
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The Internet is loaded with content. It’s helpful, very helpful as in we can gather information at a speed unheard of just a few years ago. However, it can be a curse as in we can gather information at a speed unheard of just a few years ago. When shopping for merchandise it’s human nature to compare items, or look for reviews and see what other people think about their experiences with the product. The Internet turned this type of information gathering on its head with speed and volume of information and as a result, it’s a tremendous resource. But at the same time you can easily become inundated with too much information on such a search. Sticking with our product example, if you search long enough, you will find just as many good reviews as bad reviews on just about every product you look at. This type of information overload can make what you thought would be an easy choice into a difficult one. To a point you may even get paralysis by analysis and become extremely hesitant or gun shy to make a decision.

What if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer? The Internet is just as clogged with information about lawyers (even Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers) as any other product or service. How do you know who will be the lawyer for you? How will you know? It could be as simple as fit…..

What do I mean about fit? My first several years practicing law were spent at a large law firm where I worked defending companies in complex product liability litigation. It was high-pressure work and cases generally involved large sums of money. My clients were corporations and I thought the work was ok, but at the end of the day it was all about money–what will the case cost in terms of money to defend it versus money to just settle it before it went to trial. After a while it became hard to get amped up about that kind of work. I guess you could say, that type of work was not a good fit for me. When I left those cases behind and turned my law practice toward criminal defense, the work reinvigorated my faith in the law. My clients are now people instead of faceless corporations. Their cases involve their rights, their freedoms, and every case counts. The job keeps me sharp and on my toes. This job fits and I like it.

When you look for your criminal defense lawyer, you should find one that fits. Why is this important you may ask–my criminal case is not like a job or a needing a comfortable shoe? Fit is important because if you are facing criminal charges, no matter what type, the charges are serious. As a result you will undoubtedly have tough decisions to make and will be experiencing a great deal of stress. You will want a lawyer that will work for you to create as many options for you as possible and provide you as much time to consider said options. You will also want your lawyer to help eliminate fear of the unknown–which I believe is a great source of client anxiety that can be greatly reduced by explaining the process through which their case will proceed through the system. To accomplish this process, you and your lawyer will need to be able to communicate and this is where fit comes into play. You and your counsel should be able to see eye to eye so you can clearly understand the options you may have available. The attorney client relationship is just like any other relationship, it has to be built on two-way trust and respect.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether your lawyer is flashy or not, but what really matters is whether your lawyer has the ability to take your case to trial if necessary and you fit and feel comfortable with that lawyer. It’s your criminal record that’s at stake–don’t just get a lawyer, get a lawyer that you want.


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