Collin County Fugitive Convicted of 6th DWI Surrenders to Authorities to Begin 40-Year Sentence by Bo Kalabus

By Bo Kalabus
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Looks like we need to go no further than our own Collin County this week for an off-the-hook DWI story.

Richard Davis Callaway of Plano stood trial the first week of March for his 6th DWI. The trial was a bench trial meaning that the judge would hear the case instead of a jury and render a verdict. The judge would also determine the punishment if he found Mr. Callaway guilty. Following argument, the judge found him guilty and on March 7, 2012 sentenced Mr. Callaway to 40 years in prison.

That’s headline grabbing by itself right?!– 6 DWIs and a 40-year sentence! Well, that’s not quite the whole story. Apparently, Mr. Callaway had appeared in court for the start of the trial and heard all of the State’s evidence against him. Following the presentation of the evidence, the court took a recess for lunch, from which Mr. Callaway never returned. As provided by law, State District Judge Ray Wheless completed the trial without him. After the 40-year sentence was pronounced, a warrant issued for Callaway’s arrest.

Mr. Callaway remained a fugitive from justice until Monday, when he turned himself in. Looks like this strange story has finally come to a close.


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