A Recent Case Win–DA Reduces Felony Graffiti Charge to Misdemeanor Level Offense by Bo Kalabus

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
24 Hour Jail Release 214-402-4364
The client was arrested for spray painting graffiti. As a result, the client was charged in Collin County with graffiti pecuniary loss of more than $1,500 and less than $20,000.

This was a very serious situation considering the client was young and now staring at a charge that carried State Jail Felony penalties that are 180 days up to 2 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine. Plus my client was also staring at all the trimmings that come with a felony conviction–no right to vote, no right to carry firearms, no right to buy ammunition, etc. There was no brighter side to the situation either considering the facts of the case pretty much had my client in a box with no room to maneuver. This is a pretty heavy anchor around anybody’s neck much less a young person that may have suffered from a lapse of judgment instead of being destructive and mean spirited.

My client and I both went to work on the case, the client working to pay back the victim for the damages caused and myself investigating the facts to gain what leverage we could to negotiate with the prosecutor. After several weeks of hard work on the case and restitution paid, the prosecutor agreed to lower the charges from the felony level to the misdemeanor offense level. This dropped the potential punishment range down to 0 days to 1 year in jail and $0 up to a $4,000 fine from which the client received no fine and probation. Better yet, the client will not have his rights cut in half and have to deal with the stigma of being a convicted felon.

As you can expect, my client was relieved and very pleased with the result-and also a little wiser from an experience that could have turned out to be much worse.


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