McKinney Police Are Stepping up DWI Enforcement During Spring Break Week

By Bo Kalabus
Office: 972-562-7549
24 Hour Jail Release 214-402-4364

McKinney Police Chief Doug Kowalski reminded Collin County residents this week that drunk driving is a huge safety threat, and the tragedies that it causes are preventable if drivers don’t drink and drive. He also indicated McKinney Police Officers will specifically target drivers who demonstrate behaviors consistent with drinking and driving during the coming spring break week.

This means that McKinney PD will be on high alert this week looking for a reason to stop a driver and begin a DWI investigation. Frankly, we want them to be doing this. We want the police to get intoxicated drivers off the road. But the behaviors consistent with drinking and driving the police are looking for that get you pulled over may be much more subtle in your mind than the police. After you are stopped and roll down that window to talk to the officer and he smells alcohol from the few beers you had with lunch or dinner he will ask you to step out of the car to “see if you are safe to drive” which means the roadside gymnastics called field sobriety tests will follow in short order. It’s rare that you will get back in your car, in most cases it ends in a DWI arrest.

But I digress, so what are “behaviors consistent with drinking and driving” that can get you pulled over in the first place on a week like this or a big holiday weekend? Sometimes it’s the obvious: going the wrong way, swerving all over the road, passing out at a red light, accident, etc. However, it can also mean little things: expired inspection sticker, failing to signal 100 feet before a turn, license plate light is burned out, driving too slow, not swerving-but touching the white line with your tires, etc. It’s ticky-tacky, but fair game for a traffic stop.

Additionally, the McKinney Police Department will participate with the State of Texas in the “No-Refusal” campaign during the week of March 10-18. Search warrants will be sought to obtain blood samples from drivers being investigated for suspicion of DWI and who refuse to provide a blood or breath samples. The blood samples will be used to analyze the blood alcohol content of suspected drivers. Judges have volunteered to be on-call to review and approve search warrants. On-call nurses will be available to ensure that blood is drawn in a safe and efficient manner.

What this means is be careful this week. And be careful any other week for that matter. It’s always easier to just take a cab. With that in mind, have a great and safe holiday week.


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