Man Shows up to Court Drunk on DWI Case in Erie, PA by Bo Kalabus

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More DWI news of the weird perhaps. On Wednesday, County Judge John Garhart agreed to forgo a mandatory 90 day jail sentence under Pennsylvania law for Christopher Benoit when he sentenced Mr. Benoit for his second DWI offense in 10 years. Instead Judge Garhart ordered an alternative sentence which included 5 years probation, 90 days house arrest, and the requirement to attend 3 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week.

There however was a snag–following his sentencing, Mr Benoit’s breath/blood alcohol level tested at .16 as he was processed by the probation officials. This would be considered twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania and in Texas as well.

After hearing this news, the Prosecutors want to go back and seek a tougher penalty for Mr. Benoit. Mr. Benoit’s attorney has responded that although Mr. Benoit may have exhibited poor judgment, he did not do anything illegal. Moreover, the behavior underscored the addiction the judge’s sentence addressed.

Addiction can destroy a life in many ways, the legal consequences of addiction can really spiral out of control if left unchecked.

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