Motions to Revoke in Collin/Dallas Counties by Bo Kalabus

<strong>Motions to Revoke (MTR)</strong>

If you received probation (also called community supervision), parole or deferred adjudication, you must abide by the terms of your release. If your probation or parole officer believes that you have violated any of the conditions, he or she may ask the court to issue a warrant for your arrest and revoke your probation. The more probation violations the probation officer alleges you have the more difficult it will be to defend probation violation charges against you. The most common probation or parole violations include:

• Failing a UA or drug test
• Being charged with a new criminal offense
• Failing to pay court-ordered fines
• Failing to pay court-ordered restitution
• Not remaining in contact with probation or parole officials

Many violations are the result of a miscommunication or a misunderstanding between you and your probation officer. It is important to hire an attorney that will attempt to convince the court to reconsider the termination of your probation or parole.

<strong>Hire an Attorney Who Will Fight to Protect Your Freedom</strong>

If the court finds that you have committed a probation violation, you may have to return to jail to finish all or part of your remaining sentence. It is your attorney’s job to prevent that from happening to you. You will need an attorney that will argue strenuously and aggressively for your release from custody, the continuation of your probation or the discharge of your probationary release.

Do not let a missed appointment or simple mistake send you back to jail. If you have a pending motion to revoke, or think you probation may be revoked, give criminal defense attorney Bo Kalabus a call to discuss your case at his McKinney law office at (972) 562-7549.


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