Writ Bonds in Plano and Frisco by Bo Kalabus

Nothing can be more stressfull than trying to get a friend or loved one out of jail. If can be even more stressful when that most dreaded telephone call comes in the middle of the night.

<strong>I CAN HELP YOU</strong>
My office’s 24-Hour jail release hotline is 214-402-4364.

In addition to my civil litigation and criminal defense practice, I also handle Plano and Frisco Attorney Writ Bonds for Collin County offenses. I am not to be confused with a regular bail bondsman, because as you will see below, a “writ bond” is actually not a bond itself, but a trigger mechanism to get a bond set to speed the process of getting a person out of jail. I do attorney or “writ bonds” for offenses where they are possible. Those offenses usually are:

1) Class A Misdemeanors–for someone currently held in Plano or Frisco jail
2) Class B Misdemeanors–for someone currently held in Plano or Frisco jail
(These are typically DWI, Theft, or Marijuana related arrests)

A “Writ Bond” is NOT Possible for

-Class C Misdemeanors/Traffic Tickets
-Family Violence/Assault Cases
-Felony Cases
-For someone that has already been transferred from either Plano or Frisco City jail to Collin County jail

<strong>How it Works</strong>
When a person has been arrested for a crime, they have to be brought before a magistrate judge within a reasonable time to have bond set. Depending on the time of the arrest, this process could take many many hours (and even sometimes up to a day or more) and as a result the person will have to sit in jail until the bond is set. This is where the “writ bond” comes into play.

The “writ bond” actually stands for “writ of habeas corpus” (Latin for “you have the body”). When the attorney files the writ bond with Collin County it triggers a cash bond set by a County fee schedule depending on the offense and circumvents the wait to see a magistrate judge to have bond set. Once the bond is set via the filing of the writ bond, it can be paid like a cash bond (meaning the person in custody is both the principal and surety, which negates the need for a bail bondsman). As with all bonds, it will be refunded at the conclusion of the person’s case, or if the person jumps bail the bond is forfeited.

Again, I am not to be confused with a bail bondsman. But, for the narrow range of offenses outlined above I can perhaps speed the process of a person’s release from Plano or Frisco jail depending on the circumstances via the attorney or “writ bond”. If either you or a loved one is in jail, please give my office’s jail relief hotline a call and we’ll discuss the case–214 402-4364.


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