The Criminal Charges Against Me Have Been Dropped, Now What?!


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If you have been arrested for a crime and those charges are later dropped, or refused for prosecution by the District Attorney, that’s great news.  However, you will still need to proactively remove the arrest from your record.

I’ve seen this situation happen in both misdemeanor and felony cases for clients where the police thought at the time they had enough evidence to arrest for an offense; however, after further review, the intake prosecutor believed for whatever reason they could not make the case and refused to accept it for filing or presentation to the Grand Jury.

When the case is refused, the District Attorney issues a drop charge letter to the police agency that arrested the person informing them the arrested person will not be prosecuted by the District Attorney.  It also instructs that if the person has an outstanding warrant due to the charge, then the warrant is to be recalled.  Moreover, if the person has been released from jail on a cash bond on the charge, the bond is to be discharged and the bond money be returned to the person named in the receipt for the bond.

Even though the case has been dropped, the arrest is still on your record until you file for an expunction.  An expunction is a civil lawsuit that will need to be filed to properly clear the arrest off your record.  Even though the case has been dropped, you will have to wait the applicable waiting period to let the statute of limitations run for the offense before moving forward with an expunction.

If you have been arrested for an offense and that charge was later dropped or dismissed, give me a call to discuss your options and make sure the arrest is properly cleared from your record.

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